Sony U-70 – Is that a PC in your Pocket, or….

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Japan has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile devices, especially computers. Importers such as Dynamism, Kurns & Patrick, iCube, and Kemplar have stepped into the void for these innovative devices that US consumers crave. While Japan has been producing very small laptops for a few years a lot of interest has been sweeping the internet recently about ultra-portable computers. Slightly bigger than a PDA but much smaller than even the smallest laptop, UPCs have been anxiously awaited by consumers. Devices like the OQO and FlipStart have been vaporware for years and yet they stay in the news and anxiously awaited by many prospective buyers. The manufacturers of both device are claiming they will be released late this year.

In this case the Sony U-70 is running full Windows XP, I wonder what the battery life is like... I use a Pocket PC to 'view' information on the go, e-mail, blog replies, calendar, in-car navigation etc... I use Windows XP devices as my development and e-mail device, building Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded operating system images, writing applications, and working on "skunk" tools - do I think the U-70 would be a useful developer device? Nah, but this would be kinda cool to carry around for meetings etc... - but wait, that's what I use my tablet PC for...

- Mike

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  1. JK says:

    Mike, you hit the nail on the head. The huge interest that this article has generated proves to me what drove me to put the Tablet OS on the U-70 is what many users want- a small TabletPC.

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