Windows CE 5.0 RTM (Release To Manufacturing) Party – July 9th 2004

One of the Windows CE Program Managers captured some photo's at the Windows CE 5.0 RTM party - the party was held on the sports fields on Redmond campus, there was plenty of food, drinks, volleyball, and other games to keep people happy during the afternoon - The party was held on one of the warmest days we've had for a while (although, this last weekend was pretty warm - I saw 105 degrees on my car's dashboard on Saturday).

Here's the "Monster" CD with everyone's signature on.


Some crazy guys wearing appropriate headgear for the weather (makes a change not to be wearing rain gear!).


And here's the back of my shirt - what else would I wear at the Launch Party ? (isn't that one of the coolest hat's you've seen for a while?)


And the best photo from the party... Todd Tom Adams, General Manager for the Windows CE development team gets a bucket of ice water thrown over him - does he look surprised?

- Mike


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