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I've been roaming around the embedded groups at Microsoft with my handy mini-DV camcorder, look out for the following videos coming to MSDN Channel 9 over the next week...

  • Windows Automotive (2 videos) - Peter Wengert
  • SPOT (2 videos) Rich Davies
  • Windows Embedded Devcon - Sumobot competition (me)
  • Windows CE - building a NAS box in 20 minutes - Chris Gray
  • Microsoft Robotics Enthusiasts Meeting - Stewart Tansley & others

I'm planning a visit to the Portable Media Center team on Friday (whoa! - that's tomorrow, where has this week gone?) - that could prove to be an interesting video - I got to play with one of the PMC's a couple of days ago, battery life seems to be about 4 hours for video/movies, and about 24 hours for music - doesn't seem too bad...

Do let me know if you have any of the embedded teams/technologies you want me to go interview - even better if you have some burning questions you want me to ask

- Mike

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I really enjoy the Channel 9 videos but do you think it would be possible to have them available for download. I only have a fast enough connection to stream them in work and it’s a little "unproductive" for me to be doing that.

    It would be nice if I could download them in work and watch them when I get home.



  2. Paul Watson says:

    As Brian mentions it would be really handy to have downloadable Channel 9 video files. Down here in South Africa I can’t even use the streaming files, even if I leave them on all night it does not come through.

    Another idea is for Channel 9 to distribute their videos with the monthly MSDN subscriptions, that would be great.

  3. Mike says:

    Good comments – thanks, I had a meeting yesterday with the Scoble to run through some of the videos we’re recording over the next few weeks – I will ping him this morning and pass on your comments and the MSDN suggestion.

    – Mike

  4. Cool. Thanks Mike. The MSDN suggestion by Paul sounds good. 🙂

  5. Hi Mike

    It would be really nice to get to see some interviews with ppl working on SAPI. I have two questions for them.

    1) I have been trying for months to find out why it is that Voice.Skip("Sentence",1) only works on Sentence? What was the reasoning for that? When will it be able to do Word/Char/Line/Paragraph/Page?

    2) I would like to see some code that will show me how TTS navigation could be done. For instance, assume that I have SAPI reading the complete text for a page. Then I decide halfway that I would like to skip some lines and start reading word by word. Then I come across a word I don’t know and want it spelled out for me. Finally, I want to go back to reading from the current word to the end of the document. The system should also highlight the text of what is being read.

    The reason I ask this is I am developing software for individuals who are blind or visually impaired and I would like to figure out the most efficient algorithm for real-time or almost real-time navigation with minimal memory use.


    Sushant Bhatia

  6. Mike says:

    Just chatted with the Scoble – good news, downloads are on the way!


  7. Anson says:

    Actually I am able to download using some download tool. But of course it is better to have a visible download link. I am very interested in the sumobot 🙂

  8. > good news, downloads are on the way!

    Cool. Excellent to hear. Do you know if it is via MSDN subscription downloads or from Channel9 itself?

  9. Mike says:

    the downloads will be on Channel 9

    – Mike

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