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This is pretty interesting.. the Mono project has released v1.0, this brings some of the power of .NET and C# programming to Linux developers - it's also interesting to see that the Mono group is about 18 months behind Microsoft in release schedules and that J2EE gets a whack - here's a quote from the article...

"The problem with J2EE really is that it became very, very academic and the complexity of all these perfectly designed systems in schools does not necessarily map when you have deadlines and all kinds of other things."

and a link to the article - http://news.com.com/More+than+an+open-source+curiosity/2008-7344_3-5271084.html?tag=nefd.lede

- Mike

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  1. Anon says:

    I installed Mono on my OSX machine the other day, expecting something horrendously slow and barely working – boy was I surprised 🙂

    Mono’s main problem atm is System.Windows.Forms and providing that portably, on the mac we have to wait to Cocoa# but that’s going to break portability straight away – which is a shame because a fully portable .Net would negate most of the Java WORA arguments.

  2. James Risto says:

    Is there a chicken and egg problem happening with the .net framework? I see no major desktop app written to it. Until that 25MB install is out there, are ISV’s hesitating?

  3. Mike says:

    This is somewhat similar to the MFC and VB Runtime situation a few years back – until MFC and the VB Runtime shipped with the O/S the number of deployed applicaitons using the runtimes was fairly small.

    I’m going to ping some of the guys in the Visual Studio team to find out if there are any major desktop applicaitons running on the framework – interestingly, the .NET Framework is used by Platform Builder in the new release of Windows CE 5.0 operating system and tools.

    – Mike

  4. Mike says:


    what type of application can you currently run on Mono ? – and what tools do you use to develop and debug the applications ?

    IMHO applicaiton portability between operating systems is a good thing – take the .NET Compact Framework and Windows CE – an applicaiton developed against the .NET Compact Framework is created in MSIL format, this is processor and O/S independent – I can run a Compact Framework application on ARM, MIPS, SHx, and x86 processors without any code changes or recompiling – I can also take the same application binary and run this on a Windows XP box (with some restrictions), again without any changes or recompiling.

    would it make sense to have an industry standard for application portability between operating systems and processor architectures ? – I think so. Would this make the life of a developer sooooooo much easier ? – you bet.

    Imagine writing a totally managed application in C# or VB and having this available on Windows XP, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems on the same day, would that be useful for developers, and users ? – I think so… (but that’s just my opinion <g>)

    – Mike

  5. Mike says:


    Any chance you can get a screenshot of a .NET Framework application running on top of Mono ?

    – Mike

  6. Barry says:

    Don’t forget that Microsoft has released a .NET subset for Mac OS X and FreeBSD – http://www.msdn.microsoft.com/net/sscli. It shouldn’t require much work to port to other x86 or PowerPC-based Unix-like operating systems.

    It implements the frameworks defined by the ECMA standard, so there are no WinForms. But it does have sample code that uses P/Invoke to draw GUI apps using Tck/Tk. Klunky but workable and portable.

  7. Mike says:

    Ok, this article seems to describe the adoption of .NET quite nicely – check it out… http://www.webservicespipeline.com/23900832

    – Mike

  8. Ross says:


    You can check out monodevelop at http://www.monodevelop.com/index.aspx (yes it is ASP.Net on a Linux box 🙂 ). I believe this uses GTK# which I am not sure is an *ideal* solution. Screenies here http://www.monodevelop.com/screenshots.aspx

    MonoDevelop isn’t finished yet. Don’t Novell have a few .Net products with iFolder?

    Barry, the SSCLI it apparently does work on OSX but I’ve tried to compile it once (on an old Mac) and it was just too complicated – remember I am a Mac user 🙂

    Mono is

    a. Easy to install.

    b. Faster (no evidence but it feels faster).

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