A Lively Open-Source Debate

Apparently, not all developers are Open Source advocates, in fact, a large number prefer controlled source development - this discussion took place at the Sun JavaOne Conference - the full article is Here...

- Mike

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  1. Don Newman says:

    I get a general feeling that Gosling’s opinion is that their needs to be a balance and I have to agree.

    If you let everyone write the code, you are going to wind up with some crappy code. If you limit the code to only a few people, you are going to wind up without the great code that some of the community around your product are capable of providing.

    Like everything else in the world, balance provides the harmony necessary for success.

  2. Don: Why would you end up with crappy code that way?

  3. Mike says:

    Cyrus, I think the point is that if you let everyone contribute code to a product then you have lost control – you need structure when more than one person is working on the same project, one person may make changes to code without realising the effect this one change may have on other parts of the project – a ‘newbie’ may make changes to the project which introduce a number of bugs. You need to have code-reviews, daily builds, testers and developers, bug reporting, regression testing etc…

    – Mike

  4. Don Newman says:

    Thanks for the handling of that one Mike. My main thought was just opening it up to newbies and the lack of any project standards regarding naming conventions, etc.

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