MS baits .Net with CE 5 | The Register

MS baits .Net with CE 5 | The Register

Interesting write up from the Register about Windows CE 5.0, it looks like they actually "get it"...

Take MS code, change it

This gives you 2.5 million lines of code, and you can change it, and you can keep the changes to yourself; so you don't find yourself giving away clever tricks to your biggest rivals.

It is also far cheaper. Poppinga says that Microsoft doesn't plan to makes it revenue selling software development tools at $50,000 a pop. Instead, it hopes to make $3.00 royalty per device sold - something he says none of his rivals will do.

But for me, the significant part of the deal is that it pushes .Net framework out there. The whole Compact Framework is now built into all Windows Mobile devices and while there's a lot more to "embedded" than mobile, mobile is still where Microsoft sees growth. And if it can hook a whole bunch of Express buyers for a $30 entrance fee and a whole bunch of mobile developers for a $999 developer package, then the number of .Net frameworks out there will grow.

- Mike

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  1. timts says:

    with dell x30 624M cpu and CF size 4G micro, I dont want CE5, or any CE, I want a windows XP, stripped down edition like the one in southeast asia, to be on my PDA.

  2. Robert Björn says:

    I’m still eagerly awaiting a .NET powered cell phone. I’m fairly pleased with my Symbian based Nokia phone but the APIs seem to be quite a mess and not very developer friendly. Does anyone know if there’s a .NET phone in the pipeline somewhere in the near future?

  3. Mike says:

    The current release of Smartphone supports the .NET Compact Framework – take a look at the developer center –

    – Mike

  4. Mike says:

    While I like the idea of having a computer in my hand that runs XP like the following I doubt you would get the same battery life experience as a Pocket PC or Smartphone, heck, my laptop gives about two hours before it’s needing mains power – I carry a Pocket PC Phone Edition with me, this gives me e-mail and calendar sync over the air, and I can also reply to those e-mails, and get a full days use without needing to charge, this combined with a SPOT watch gives me most of the information I need on the move, combine the Pocket PC bluetooth connection with a Navman GPS 4410 Bluetooth GPS unit and I think I have pretty much everything I need on the move – would a hand-held "full" PC be useful, sure, to some people it would be useful, I need a device that has a good sized screen (1400×1050 on my Toshiba laptop), and enough hard drive/RAM/processing power to give me the ability to install and run the O/S development tools and application development tools I use every day.

    One of embedded marketing folks has a tiny hand-held PC from Sony, it’s really, really small, the keyboard looks barely usable, I wouldn’t want to use this as my dev-box. For the marketing guy it’s ideal, enough screen real-estate to read/send mail, powerpoint, etc…

    I guess it’s "horses for courses", some people don’t want/need a cell-phone, others want a cell-phone with all the bells and whistles possible, others look more like Batman with the number of gadgets hanging off their belts – the majority of us probably live somewhere in-between…

    – Mike

  5. Stewart Tansley says:

    I just want an up to date replacement for my Psion 5mx! I’ll also continue to carry my Smartphone and wear my SPOT watch — I’m not looking for some universal device compromise like so many others seem to be.

    I’m hoping that the re-emerged landscape mode for Windows Mobile will result in some neat and affordable devices shortly. The OQO and its ilk look tantalizing, but I agree that battery life is likely an issue — and also cost. I am on my 3rd series 5 after various drops, and I don’t want to risk more than $500 for such a device!

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