Packing for Devcon…

the Windows Embedded Devcon is next week in San Diego (as if you didn't know)... so I need to pack for the week, what do I need to take...

  • Laptop + Power Supply
  • Pocket PC Phone Edition + Power Supply
  • Bluetooth Headset + Power Supply
  • Digital Video Recorder + Power Supply
  • Wireless Mic for the DVR + spare batteries
  • ICOP eBox II Reference Board + Power Supply
  • 4 Port Ethernet Hub (works off the PS/2 port of the reference board - so no power supply)
  • Mini keyboard (for the reference board)
  • USB Mouse (for the reference board)
  • 7" LCD Display (for the reference board)
  • Reading material (Microsoft eReader format)
  • 128MB wma/mp3 player + spare battery
  • Sumobot +

Did I miss anything ??? - oh yeah, clothes etc...

For someone that works in the "MOBILE" and "Embedded" Devices group I sure have a lot of kit to carry around...

- Mike


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