How much is a Windows CE License ?

One of my colleagues found this on the Windowsfordevices web site... (actually it's on the home page, so it's not too hard to find...) - How much is a Windows CE Operating System License ? - click the image below to find out... - there's a link to a larger version of the image on the site.



- Mike

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Mike, you don’t happen to know a good supplier of reference boards that you personally think are reliable (relatively) cheap, and have a good amount of io onboard?

    I have a potential job coming up where a small portion will be updating some of their embedded tech and since they want to go all .NET it’d be nice to be able to demo it to them.

    That and it’d be neat to play with for personal projects and such… I’ve done the embedded linux thing before but never Windows CE.

    If you get a chance can you mail me @ although I’ll check back.

  2. Mike says:


    What do you mean by "a good amount of IO"?

    Can you list what you need on the board, I may know of something suitable for your needs…

    – Mike

  3. Simon says:

    External: VGA, 100Mbps networking, keyboard, ps2 mouse or usb and a serial port (although with usb I could cheat and get one of those usb serial ports assuming there’s drivers)

    Internal: Disk on chip, cf slot or ide – any one.

    For the demo I only need a serial port and ethernet port but figure if I’m gonna buy it I might as well have something I can use for other stuff afterwards…

  4. Mike says:

    Then this looks like a fairly good option for you –

    – Mike

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