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I saw this article on which discusses connected homes and a new working group, the "Digital Living Network Alliance" which has formed to get TV's, PVR's, HiFi, Camera's, PC's to all play nicely together, according to the report, less than 6 percent of internet connected homes have connected their game consoles or home stereo system to the network (so what about all those XBOX live players ???).

I have a wired and wireless network running at home which connects the PC's, Media Center, XBOX's, Electronic Picture Frame (when I get the code finished) and other devices - with the introduction of technologies such as Web Services for Devices it should become easier to plug devices onto a network and have them play nicely together.

Assuming you had Web Services for Devices up and running on all your devices, what scenarios would you want to enable in the home ?

- Mike


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  1. Neil Cowburn says:

    One of the scenario I would like to see is the ability to sync all my digital assistant devices (numerous PDAs and Smartphones) at the same time. Service discovery would allow me to publish my sync preferences and share them between devices so that whenever one device synchronizes and receives new data, it can be replicated over to my other devices without me having to dock every device with ActiveSync.

    Thinking outside the box for a moment, I think it would be cool to have some kind of X10/X11 home automation over TCP/IP. Let’s not just restrict this discovery/sharing to digital media 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for the comments, I agree that we have some way to go with data sync – If I purchase a new PC and put this online I should be able to watch/listen to any content I own without needing to rip/copy the content from existing devices.

    It would be neat to have devices easily expose their functionality – perhaps Web Services for Devices might provide the answer…

    – Mike

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