Windows CE 5.0, getting close…

We must be getting close to shipping Windows CE 5.0, how do I know this? - because the coffee cart is showing up during the week, and everyone is working late (or Latte?) in the office to close down bugs...

Working late getting the product ready to ship means we get fed, here's last nights dining experience, I think it was some kind of Pasta and Salad...

It got to 1:30am and I wanted to do one last build, kicked off the build and then ran for home - I know that if I had waited for the build to complete and there were any errors that I would probably have stayed to fix them... thankfully the build completed with 0 Errors, which was nice... Thankfully the local Starbucks was open on the way into the office this morning...

- Mike

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  1. OmegaSupreme says:

    Out of interest if you work till that late what time do the bosses expect you in in the morning ?

  2. Mike says:

    I was back working on my platform at 7am this morning <yawn>.

    What time does my manager expect me to be in the office? It’s flexible, if I wasn’t in crunch mode to get stuff completed then I could probably show up late morning. Some of the dev guys work late into the night (or early morning) and then get in around lunchtime, and then repeat the next evening.

    Right now we’re also coming in over the weekend… this will ease up shortly though :O)

    – Mike

  3. OmegaSupreme says:

    Thanks for the info, sounds like a great place to work ( I’m sure it is ), good luck with 5.0

  4. Mike says:

    Is Microsoft a good place to work? – absolutely!, Microsoft is the third company I’ve worked at and I can’t imagine working anywhere else – I love working with the embedded technologies, the most interesting part of my job is that I get to touch low level O/S, tools, application development and interaction with back end systems, so I get to play with a whole range of technologies !!! – I’m like a kid in a candy store :O)

    – Mike

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