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Here's a question for you...

Assuming you know absolutely nothing about Windows CE 5.0 or Windows XP Embedded SP2, what would you want to know about these products? - Are you interested in:

  • technologies - if so, what ?
  • partner programs
  • how to buy
  • licensing
  • or all of the above

How would you prefer to find out about Microsoft's Embedded products ?

  • "How to" tutorials downloadable from the web (Video or lab document)
  • Webcasts (Live Presentations followed by Q&A)
  • Online Chats with the dev teams
  • Web pages (assuming they are easy enough to find)
  • Developer Conference
  • Other...

I'd quite like to do this as a survey - if you know of any online survey tools, let me know !!

- Mike

Comments (12)

  1. Zk says:

    Well, I do know absolutely nothing about CE or XPe, but I’ve had a bit of inspiration based on the picture frame project by…. oh, you. (I had to look that up… easy search.) And the idea of building a physical object vs. my normal software has some definite appeal.

    Off the bat, I’d be interested in seeing information about technologies (since I know nothing, I can’t be more specific) and the rest of the stuff is important too, but definitely secondary to me at this point.

    Personally, I’d like to see examples and how-tos. That’d help me bridge the gap of not knowing to kinda knowing.

    In fact… I think I’m going to take a break from coding to look at what’s over on MSDN to see what’s there now.

  2. Mike says:


    Thanks for the comment – I’m having a great time working on the picture frame project, in fact, I’ve been coding up step 2 over the weekend, I now have a .NET Compact Framework application running as the shell of the device which displays the images and also shows the clock – it would be simple to add additional functionality.

    I have some additional projects in the works that I will document for Channel 9, most of which will be running on the Windows CE Emulator or the ICOP eBox II hardware platform.

    I ordered a pair of 10" LCD VGA panels over the weekend, should be with me on Tuesday – then all the hardware for the picture frame project will be ready to bolt together – one of the CE networking Dev’s is going to be building the wooden frame to go on the LCD panel.

    It’s a good job I’m not building it, I worked on a wooden box as a school woodworking project, the sides weren’t parallel but somehow I managed to make a lid that fitted :O)

    Keep watching this space for the next step of the picture frame project and for the other projects I’m working on…

    – Mike

  3. 1. where can I download the SDKs?

    2. where can I find sample code/tutorials/quickstarts that demonstrate the features?

    3. what are the licensing terms?

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks Shannon,

    This could turn out to be useful for building an FAQ !

    Keep the suggestions coming folks…

    – Mike

  5. Anson says:

    For XPE, I am having so many questions from people asking what is this component, what is that component, etc. Another feedback I have from customer about MSDN – it’s like a maze, "1st I click here, then I click here, then I follow this and click that, and ta da! I am back to where I was."

    Also, any chance to have any devcon in south east asia?

  6. Mike says:

    You are right, MSDN can be difficult to navigate – I tend to use Google to locate the articles on MSDN, navigating MSDN can be like running the classic command line collosal cave ‘adventure’ (anyone remember that?) – "you are in a maze, there are exits N, E, S, and W", "XYZZY" ;O)

    As for holding a devcon in Asia – I believe this is being planned, I will go and talk to the events team and report back to you…

    – Mike

  7. Janet Miller says:


    You had asked if anyone knew of a survey tool you could use. If you go to, we sell a survey tool, and there’s a free trial. Have fun!


  8. Mike says:

    Thanks Janet – I will go and check it out !! – look out for a survey link on the blog very soon !!!

    – Mike

  9. Diego Cardenas says:


    I’ve worked for a distributor of MS Embedded Technologies in Brazil and in my experience with customers that was interested in acquire those technologies (generally people who know nothing about CE or XPE), I can point out that:

    – Most of them want a how-to, step-by-step document that explain how to build image for a specific device (eg. game machine, internet appliance, etc.)

    – The same how-to, step-by-step document that explain how to use a specific technology (e.g. el torito, flash card, etc.)

    – Most of them don’t realize the differences between the 2 OS’s.


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