Picture Frame Project – Compact Framework Application.

After deciding that it would be useful to replace the Windows CE Image Viewer application with a .NET Compact Framework application I've been hard at work coding up the application which will act as the shell for the Windows CE 5.0 Picture Frame.

There are a number of advantages to using a .NET Compact Framework application.

  • It's really quick and easy to code up the application
  • It's also easy to debug the application from Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Coding in C# is fun ! (remember when coding was fun?)
  • It gives me something else to add to the Picture Frame project
  • We can extend the application to show more than just images (notice the clock below)

Each of the images below is a thumbnail - click the image to get the full version.

I've ordered the 10" LCD panel that I will be using in the final hardware version of the Picture Frame - this should be with me early in the week - I will post some photo's to the blog when I have all the hardware together.

- Mike


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  1. What kind of hardware are you going to use to run CE? I thought CE is not available as a separate product. Are you going to disassemble iPAQ or something?

  2. Mike says:

    We’re going to use two platforms.

    1. The Windows CE 5.0 Emulator for those that don’t want to purchase additional hardware

    2. The ICOP eBox II x86 reference board ($195) http://www.icoptech.com/products_detail.asp?ProductID=170 , and a 10" LCD Panel ($125) – I will post a link to the LCD panel once I’ve received the hardware and have had time to test it.

    Windows CE is available as a download from the Microsoft Web Site – this is a 120 day evaluation version – http://msdn.microsoft.com/embedded/prodinfo/future/techpreview/default.aspx

    To purchase a full version ($995) you would need to talk to one of the Microsoft Embedded Distributors – http://www.mswep.com

    – Mike

  3. Hi Mike,

    sounds like fun that your developing a picture-frame application on windows CE.

    What makes it extra funny for me is the fact that I got a great looking digital picture frame powered by Windows CE from my colleagues when i got married last year.

    We (Delem) are a company that manufactures Press-Brake Machine controllers (running on windows CE), and basically they have build one of our controllers into a picture frame.

    (it’s a 300 Mhz Geode GX1 board)

    So i’m more than curious what kind of picture-frame application you came up with.. can’t wait to see.

    (ps. I will post some photo’s of my picture frame if your interested)

  4. Mike says:


    I’d like to see some photos of the original device (the press-brake controllers) and the picture frame. Can you describe the functionality of the picture frame, does this pull images from local storage or from the network ?

    you can e-mail photo’s to mailto:mikehall@microsoft.com

    – Mike

  5. $995, Jaysus…

    I guess I’ll stick to my trusted XP Professional as I did here http://weblogs.asp.net/mikhailarkhipov/archive/2004/05/16/132870.aspx

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