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Last year included a ton of travel, with the Windows Embedded Essentials (India, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, San Jose, Boston, and Germany), as well as other events, customer visits etc...

When travelling I like to catch up on some of my skunk projects and also read a few books, since I'm now running a Toshiba Tablet M200 I decided to download some eBooks for MS-Reader (there's a client for desktop PC's and Pocket PC's) - I decided to take a number of books with me on the trip - including "A short history of nearly everything", "the Da Vinci Code" and a handful of other books - I would normally have a bag full of hardware and books, it was going to be an interesting experience using the Tablet instead...

The tablet screen rotates and locks down over the keyboard, in tablet mode the Windows XP UI rotates into a portrait view, in this mode you can view an entire page at a time in MS-Reader - I decided to read the Da Vinci Code first, and couldn't put the book down (actually, couldn't put the tablet down) - the M200 has a 4 way toggle that meant I didn't need a pen to move pages, I could just switch up and down pages using the toggle. There are a few downsides to using the tablet

1. having to turn the tablet off for landing (especially since I was just getting to a good part of the book)

2. not having any laptop power for the flight from Asia to Seattle - I only managed a couple of hours on battery

3. Getting a warm lap from the heat of the laptop

Beyond these minor issues the experience was actually very good - I have some more travel on the horizon, so will definately get some new eBooks to read, and will also make sure I have a 2nd laptop battery fully charged...


It would be good to have some Technical eBooks to read on the next trip... I will have to see what's available...


- Mike

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  1. JWFisher says:

    Right on, Mike. I also switched to a TabletPC – when they originally came out. I carry my Toshiba with me for *everything*. Since I made the switch from a "conventional" laptop, I can’t go without it.

    Batteries are a problem… I need to order a couple of extras (including a charger, a bill of severla hundred dollars unfortuantely).

    Its been a great experience. And, running XP SP2 RC1 with the Tablet updates has made it very near perfect.

  2. I’m kind of surprised that you only got 2 hours on the flight from Asia to Seattle… I got at least 6 hours on a flight from Dallas-FortWorth to Lima, Peru recently. When you’re in flight, it’s pretty easy to read the tablet with the brightness on the backlight turned all the way down. The trick with the M200 is to make sure that you’re in low power mode, so the CPU can be stepped down and the GPU can be clocked down.

  3. Mike says:

    Perhpas that’s it, I did spend some time on the flight coding a sample for MSDN, then switched into tablet mode to read for a while… – It’s about time all airlines had power in the seats, a few years back you wouldn’t see that many people with DVD players, laptops, or other electronic devices, now everyone has a gameboy, laptop, dvd player, or other electronic device…

    – Mike

  4. Philip says:

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    We have the additional batteries for the Tablet PCs at a fraction of the cost of what Toshiba charges. The AC adapter too.

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