Blogging – tools and wish list…

Ok, so here I am trying out W.Blogger, I still have Visual Bloggar installed, and of course have Internet Explorer as a backup.

each application I've tried seems to have some nice features, it would be awesome to get the following into a single application...

Spell checker (w.bloggar has this) - very nice!
Image upload - including images in a blog is painful - the images need to live on a web server somewhere
Direct HTML editing (Visual Bloggar does this quite well)
Comment Reply - I'm typing a new post for "My" blog, why can't I also read any replies to previous blogs and also post my comments from the tool - since functionality like spell checker is already there... (in some apps)

I'm sure there are other features, I will add to the list as I go along...

- Mike

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  1. Jon Galloway says:

    Mike –

    Check out Sauce Reader – It’s an aggregator / posting app that’s got spell checking (, has reply, etc. It’s nice to have a single app that reads and writes.

    – Jon

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