MSDN Get Embedded – it’s a busy month…

Steve Maillet and I have been somewhat busy working on this months “Get Embedded” articles - yesterday (Friday) I turned in this months “Windows XP Embedded” article which discusses how to boot and run a Windows XP Embedded operating system in Microsoft Virtual PC, this has been handed over to the editor to publish on MSDN - this morning I checked e-mail and Steve Maillet has turned in this months Windows CE article, the first in a series that discusses how to build headless devices running on Windows CE - I will of course let you know when these are live on the web.

Oh, I nearly forgot, Windows CE 5.0 Technology Preview is ready to download - go here to get it...

Time for a quick show of hands... who would be interested in all Windows CE “Get Embedded” articles to be based on Windows CE 5.0 from this point forward ?

- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. Julio says:

    When is the article which discusses how to boot and run Windows XP Embedded be available? That’s what I’ve been waiting for!!



  2. Mike says:

    The article is in with the MSDN Editors right now, web releases typically happen on Wednesday or Friday – I’d check back on both of those days…

    if you need the article ahead of the web release then send me your e-mail address ( and I will mail you the unedited article.

    – Mike

  3. Arun says:

    In windows CE .NET 4.2, USB Printer hp LaserJet 1000 series is NOT working.

    But hp LaserJet 1200 series is working inspite of same USB specs for both the printers.

    Could you suggest me the solution

    Or Can I have a Technical details of What are all the USB Printers supported in Windows CE .NET 4.2.

    – Arun

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