This must be Redmond…

I've spotted a number of vehicles with custom license plates when heading to or from the office - this morning I was sat in traffic when I noticed a red VW sat just ahead of me and one lane over, the fact that the vehicle was red and a VW wasn't especially interesting, but I had a feeling the vehicle was being driven by a someone from Microsoft - the licence read “GUID” - I seem to remember hearing about Don Box having a licence plate that read IUNKNOWN, also quite funny.

Comments (5)

  1. Rick Schaut says:

    The best I ever saw was a VW beetle with a license plate that read "FEATURE".

  2. Darron says:

    Mine says ICODEVB (or it did till I moved to Atlanta.

  3. Chris Auld says:

    I’ve got ‘XML’

    Dead easy to remember 😉

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