Windows XP Embedded – Virtual PC

I’ve been building Windows XP Embedded labs for various events – in each case I’ve needed to capture the hardware definition for the “Master PC”, then import this component to the component database and build/test the o/s image on that device – we dual boot the development PC into the Windows XP Embedded image – this typically works very well, there are some issues though… for example, at one recent lab some of the lab PC’s had a slightly different hardware configuration than the “Master PC” – the master image Ghosted ok to all the PC’s, but right at the end of the lab when we booted the XP Embedded image the machines that had a different hardware configuration blue screened, this is expected since the o/s image contained incorrect drivers for the hardware.

So I’ve been thinking about how we can work with multiple PC devices in the same lab without the hardware issues – the answer of course was staring me in the face… I’ve been working with Windows CE and the Emulator for quite some time, so why not use a “Virtual PC” to boot and host the Windows XP Embedded operating system ? – sounds like a good idea, eh…

It just so happens that Microsoft has a Virtual PC product – – there’s a 45 day “full version” download on the sitte, go check it out…

I’ve created an o/s image that has two hard drive partitions 2GB for Windows XP and 700MB for Windows XP Embedded – why have two partitions I hear you ask… and that is a very good question, I have two partitions in the Virtual PC so that I can 1) run TAP on the Windows XP o/s image and capture the hardware definition for the device, and 2) it makes it so much easier to copy the XP Embedded o/s image down to the device that’s running Windows XP

I plan on writing up more information on this for the XP Embedded “Get Embedded” article, keep an eye out for it…

– Mike

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  1. Tony Camilli says:

    You can also put your WinPE CD in a drive and capture it to run TAP/copy files from WinPE. You can even do a hard drive with a single partition dual boot with WinPE and XPe since WinPE runs from the "minint" directory by default.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one out there playing with this 🙂 Now how about a remote boot from VPC…

  2. Bula says:

    Hello, Guys

    I do that from Windows NT embedded age.

  3. Mike says:

    I have Virtual PC running DOS, Windows 2.03, Windows 95 with BOB!, and Windows XP/Embedded – it’s extremely useful for trying out new operating system builds without having to rebuild your PC.

    – Mike

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