The case of the missing Blog comment…

So I get e-mail notification of any comments posted to the Blog - someone posted a question about programatically rebooting a Pocket PC device from a .NET Compact Framework application - there isn't an exposed class/function to do this directly, but you can P/Invoke out to a handy Win32 helper DLL to do the work for you - this is quite nicely documented in the following article -

For some reason I can't find the comment in the Blog - it appears to have magically vanished...

- Mike

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  1. Jesse Ezell says:

    Was it from "Vashill"? He’s been spamming everyone with those comments. I think Scott might be automatically removing them.

  2. David Cumps says:

    I get a lot of them as well… Good thing they get removed automatically, but it’s annoying, I always check the post, and he ‘replies’ on almost every blog post I ever made.

  3. Mike says:

    Interesting comment… thanks !

    – Mike

  4. sela says:

    That sounds to me like nice solution.


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