Getting Started with Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded ?

You're probably aware that we've been running a series of Windows Embedded Summits, covering the US, Europe, parts of Asia and India (last week).

One of the most common questions was how to get started with the Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded development tools - after spending a ton of time over at MS-Studioes we now have some videos available to watch on the web, check these out...

Windows CE

Includes configuring, building, downloading, and debugging a Windows CE operating system images, building XML Web Services in native code, writing .NET Compact Framework applications, Windows CE Test Kit and Remote Tools, and using SMS Server 2003 with Windows CE based devices.

Windows XP Embedded

We also have a number of Windows XP Embedded videos covering capturing hardware configuration, creating custom components, creating a Traget Designer workspace, dependency analysis, build, and deployment. Talking of deployment, there's also an advanced video covering adding applications to a workspace, determining missing files or registry settings, using Device Update Agent, and SMS Server 2003 with Windows XP Embedded.

I'd be interested to know whether there are any additional 'common' issues with Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded that would be good to capture on video...

- Mike

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  1. Todd Brooks says:


    Does the new CE 5.0 have support for WMI? And if not, does Microsoft ever plan on supporting WMI on the embedded platform?

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