Visual Studio .NET 2003 – Emulation – Cannot Deploy applications…

I've had a ton of flights over the last few days, about 30 hours worth of flights to get from Seattle to Bangalore - thankfully that means there's plenty of coding time - actually, about 4 hours coding time since that's about all I can manage on two batteries - come on Northwest, time to some of lifes neccesities to your aircraft - laptop power, wireless satelite internet connection, and a starbucks :O)

I wanted to write an application in C# using the .NET Compact Framework to show in one of my sessions at the Windows Embedded Essentials event in Bangalore - unfortunately the application wouldn't deploy to the Windows CE emulator - I know this works on my laptop because I've been writing a ton of Compact Framework code both at home (wireless lan), and in the office (wireless and wired lan) - so why doesn't my application deploy when I'm at 35,000ft ? - time to put the deerstalker on, out with the pipe and violin... great detective work is all about elimination - once all posibilities have been eliminated then the one thing you are left with must be the cause or culprit. I'm on a DC-10, at 35,000 ft - the one thing I'm missing is a network - time to install the Microsoft loopback adapter, once installed my laptop has been fooled into thinking it's on a network, and all is good.

Now that I'm on the ground and have access to the internet I find that this issue is documented here -

- Mike

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