Script, what script ?

First the link to ScriptIt, in case you just want to download and get cracking with scripts -

Tomorrow is the Windows Embedded Essentials event in Bangalore, India - the folks at the local Microsoft Sub have been excellent, helping to configure hardware for the hands on labs - we have 75 PC's to configure for the labs - I was hoping for one “Master” PC to configure, and then to run Ghost to capture and copy the image - unfortunately we have 50 IBM PC's, 15 of another make, and 10 other PC's - so we need to setup three “Master” images - the labs are going to be Windows CE .NET 4.2, Windows XP Embedded and Visual Studio .NET 2003 (Compact Framework) - one of the problems with setting up software for labs is spending the time clicking the right options on the installer, and of course entering the PID.

I spent some time over at the Microsoft TSG (Technical Support Group) on Friday of last week setting up more hardware for the labs we're running at ESC West/Electronica, and the WEE in SanFran - same issues, time spent clicking the options and entering PID's when setting up software - thankfully, one of the TSG guys (Peter Hennes) had a solution - it would appear that Windows NT Server shipped with a scripting utility called “ScriptIT” - you build simple scripts that look for window titles and enter keystrokes... - I didn't have time to play with this last week, but did have some time to work on script files yesterday... I now have working script files to install eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 SP2, and Platform Builder 4.2 - I didn't have time to work on Windows XP Embedded or Visual Studio .NET 2003 - perhaps tonight back at the hotel room... - here's the link to ScriptIt -

Yesterday, tonight, or tomorrow, depending on where you are in the world right now is the final Windows Academic ChallengE online chat - this is the last chance to ask questions about Windows CE O/S or application development before the big competition this coming weekend - I'm really looking forward to the competition - I will take some photos and get these posted to the Blog.

Oh, I nearly forgot, just as a total aside, this is the first city I've presented Windows Embedded Technologies technical sessions that doesn't have a Starbucks - come on chaps, time to open a store over here !

Also, I have this useful utility running on my desktop that shows the current temp in Redmond (it's currently 48F), cool eh ! (in more ways than one), the utility can be downloaded from the Komo4tv web site (under the weather link) - the temp is shown next to the clock in the system tray - like so...

My KOMO 4Cast desktop weather icon

It's not an icon, it's a Window (I've used SPY++ to view the window details) - I've looked on MSDN to see if there's any information about adding your own custom windows to the system tray and didn't find anything, I think there are a ton of useful utilities that could be built into a systray window application - if you have any idea how to create a sys tray window then add a comment to the blog...

- Mike

Comments (7)

  1. Raymond Chen says:

    This is so unsupported. Good luck getting this to work in Longhorn.

  2. Mo says:

    I was about to post a comment saying "I wonder what Raymond Chen would think of that", but he beat me to it 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    unsupported tools are typically the most useful, these are written by people that want to fill the gap or find a solution to a time consuming or bugging problem. ScriptIt is one of those tools, I found this to be very useful in setting up 4 different PC’s with exactly the same set of applications in a short time.

    – Mike

  4. Raymond Chen says:

    (I was referring to the weatherthingie, not to ScriptIt; sorry for being imprecise.)

  5. indy says:

    guys, _this_ is a desktop

    includes the weather tool (upper right corner) but with additional image indicating the weather 😉 mine shows the weather in bern, switzerland..

    i don’t wanna start the opensource-rulez-debate, but tools that windows guys encounter new aren’t really new.. i.e. multiple desktop switching which hopefully will be introduced with the upcoming windows.. whatever windows comes up with, it’s probably already implemented within open source software since years..


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