University Challenge… missed one…

Ok, so I missed one of the universities off my list of projects for the Windows ChallengE (notice the clever use of “CE” in Challange) - Them thar Marketing folks at Microsoft are pretty smart you know... <g>

... whoops, nearly forgot </g>

University of Nebraska at Omaha’s project...

Imagine a world where your data travels with you - an environment not bounded by the physical location of your information but one that thrives upon the mobility present in today's society.  Imagine a world where all computers function just as if they were your very own.  Each system has your data but only while you use it.

This is the Tickler Enterprise Collaboration Suite.

Harnessing the robustness of the Windows CE .NET platform with the inherent security of our Tickler framework provides an environment where data is mobile and secure.  The Tickler engine provides a unified data storage solution capable of being customized to meet the needs of any company or individual.  Whether it is files, contacts, or just memos, the Tickler can make them mobile while allowing for secure segmentation and collaboration of appropriate information.

This looks like it's going to be an incredible competition - I have to say I'm really looking forward to seeing all these projects going through their paces...

- Mike


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