MSDN “Get Embedded” – Drivers.

This months MSDN “Get Embedded” article is ready to roll, the content has been sent over to my editor in MSDN, should be live on the web in a day or so - this month we take a look at Stream Drivers on Windows CE .NET - how to create a driver, how to register the driver, and how to test the driver from an application, of course we could also use the Windows CE Test Kit to test the driver - I hadn't thought about that when writing the article, I may do an intermediate article to cover this.

The plan for the next couple of months is to take a look at building headless devices - there's a boat load of information to write here - this should cover at least two months.

There's a ton of flight time over the next month or so, trips to India for the Windows Embedded Essentials event - speakers are Ashim Jaidka (Keynote), and yours truly for everything else - it's not so much the WEE, it's more of a MIKE (Microsoft India Knowledge Exchange)... - should be a ton of fun. Thankfully, flight time is also time to write sample code, work on skunk projects, and work on MSDN Get Embedded articles - I also have trips to China and Japan for the Windows Embedded Essentials events - plenty of coding time!.

- Mike

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