Labs and “How To’s”

Time to ask the audience...

We've recorded a series of videos over at the Microsoft Studios, each of the videos is somewhere between 30-60 minutes in length covering various subjects, including Compact Framework application development, SMS Clients for Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded, building and deploying Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded operating systems - I'm hoping these will be live on the web in a few days - I will of course send out the URL.

So, here's the question - if you were to attend this years Windows Embedded Developers conference and wanted to get “Hands on” with the Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Visual Studio .NET 2003 or eMbedded Visual C++ what specific labs would you be interested in attending (I can't promise we will include every suggestion, but now's a good time for you to get your suggestions in...) ? - also, if we were to record some of these and put them live on the web would that be useful ?

- Mike

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  1. Oskar Berreteaga says:


    I’d like a lab in which you customize the x86 BIOS boot loader. For example, how to add a picture, a bitmap, and a progress bar during OS load.



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