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I posted a few days back that I'd installed Visual Assist from http://www.wholetomato.com/ for Visual Studio .NET 2003 - guess what ? - there's also a download for Visual C++ 6.0, this also works for eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 and eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 - how very cool is that... Perhaps I should ping the tomato's to see if they are also interested in working on a plug in for Platform Builder. That would be very, very cool...

Doug is currently on stage running through the Visual Studio .NET 2003 Compact Framework lab - it's certainly interesting running labs with translators - you still have 60 minutes to run the lab, but have to say half as much...

Tomorrow is the flight back to Seattle - strangely I still haven't finished my MSDN article - I have about 11 hours of flight time tomorrow, here's hoping Northwest has laptop power in the seats, otherwise it's going to be long, long flight.

Next posting will be from Redmond - hopefully with a completed MSDN article.

- Mike

Comments (4)

  1. Jon Pawley says:

    Hey, having VA available for Platform Builder would be great… Did you get any response from Whole Tomato?

    – Jon

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Jon,

    I agree, having VA available for PB would be excellent – I’ve talked with Whole Tomato about this and they are investigating – hopefully this will translate to VA support for PB !

    – Mike

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