New Videos coming real soon….

I recorded a bunch of sessions over at the Microsoft Studios a couple of weeks ago, subjects include :

* Building XML Web Services for Windows CE .NET using Native Code

* Windows CE .NET configure, build, download, debug

* Windows CE .NET Test Kit and Remote Tools (profiling)

* Windows XP Embedded, configure, build, deploy

* Windows XP Embedded, debugging and using Device Update Agent

Also, Russ Wilson from the SMS team recorded two sessions

* SMS 2003 and Windows XP Embedded

* SMS 2003 and Windows CE .NET

I received an e-mail from the producer over at MS-Studios (Pauls Zommers) yesterday, the videos are all ready for review - I'm just about to board a flight from Hong Kong to Seoul, that should give me at least enough time to review three of the videos - hopefully get the rest reviewed before the end of the weekend, Pauls can then crack on with getting the videos ready for release - I will let you know when the videos go live.

- Mike

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