Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Platform Builder Emulator images.

The most common problem people seem to be having at the moment is connecting Visual Studio .NET 2003 to the Emulator - why would this be the case ? - Visual Studio .NET 2003 ships with a Windows CE emulator, so surely I can use that to build and test my C# or Visual Basic .NET applications, right ?

The answer is “maybe“... it depends on whether the emulator that ships with Visual Studio .NET 2003 contains all of the features you need for your application - if so, then you can start writing managed applications using the emulator that ships with Visual Studio .NET 2003 - but what if this isn't the case, the good news is you can create a custom operating system using Windows CE .NET Platform Builder, download the custom image to the emulator and then have Visual Studio .NET 2003 deploy your application to the Platform Builder generated emulator image - here's an article on MSDN's “Get Embedded“ column that describes the steps needed to get this working.

Happy C# (or Visual Basic .NET) coding...

BTW, I was playing with a digital camcorder today, the device captures video to .mp4 (I assume MPEG) format - so I copied the .MP4 file to my laptop, double clicked, nothing happened, the .MP4 file extension isn't recognised - so how do I figure out what can play these files? - there's a cool web site that lists known file extensions and the applicaitons needed to use them -

- Mike

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  1. Ben Dover says:

    The SmartPhone emulator is simply tosh.

    Any chance of a stand alone exe we can simply run and configure, until that day comes I am unable to support any SmartPhone.

  2. Mo says:

    [Caveat: I’ve not used VS.NET 2003 to build any CE apps yet, only eVC++ and the various SDKs]

    I was under the impression that the Smartphone emulator was just an image of an x86 build of Smartphone 2003. I’m sure Mike will correct me if I’m wrong, but this image is no different from a CE build created using CE.NET Emulation Edition’s Platform Builder and runs using the same (possibly a slightly updated version of) emulator – which is based on VirtualPC.

    Assuming this is correct, then the Smartphone emulator is pretty much Smartphone x86 running under VPC with a bit of magic to make extra stuff work (like shared folders and debugging hooks).

    What’s tosh about it?

  3. Mo says:

    On a related note…

    Are we going to see any sign of an (unmanaged) C/C++ SDK targetting CE devices that integrates into VS.NET any time soon? Switching between eVC and VS.NET for portable stuff (and trying to keep the solutions/workspaces in sync!) is a real pain 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    What do you mean by "run and configure" – the smartphone emulator runs in the same "Virtual PC" environment as the Visual Studio emulator and the Windows CE .NET Emulator – this is the real Smartphone "bits" compiled for x86 processor.

  5. Ben Dover says:

    I cant run it in VMWare which is our test environment, no SmartPhone apps for j00.

  6. Hans Jergen Ohff says:

    Not to mention the huge american ass command line one needs to use just to start the bugger.

  7. Mike says:

    The Emulator runs in a "Virtual PC" environment, this is very close to the environment that VMWare runs in – you cannot run one virtual PC inside another…

    earlier versions of the Palm-Sized PC emulator used shim DLL’s to call down into Windows NT/2000 native API’s – in this case the emulator wasn’t providing the same experience as running on a physical device – fidelity of the emulation environment has improved dramatically by using Virtual PC technologies.

    – Mike

  8. Mo says:

    Of course, there is the other advantage: VMware costs money, as does Virtual PC. This way, you get the technology for free.

    Command-line wise, if you’re not bothered about skins, you just give the emultor path to the image file to actually execute it (though granted I’m talking from a custom CE.NET image perspective rather than a debugging apps perspective).

    In either case, I suspect ‘Ben Dover’ is, judging by the name, trolling.

  9. Mike says:

    To answer Mo’s question about unmanaged C/C++ SDK for Windows CE devices being integrated into Visual Studio .NET… for Macallan (the next release of Windows CE) we will be shipping an update to eMbedded Visual C++ – It does make sense to combine the tools at some point in the near future – for now we have two tools VS.NET for managed code, and eVC for native (unmanaged) code.

    – Mike

  10. nio says:

    maybe you forgot install the DivX ,which decode the .mp4 format stream.

  11. blade says:

    this mite be a good site to build my emulater

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