Audio Capture.

It's good to see we're getting some comments and questions, someone has obviously found the Blog ! - one of the questions I received requested some information about audio recording on Windows CE - there are a number of API's you should take a look at

In PB help see:

waveInOpen – this is for capture (for playback use waveOutOpen)

Also check out the samples in:

public\common\SDK\SAMPLES\AUDIO\WAVREC – this is for capture

Earlier in the week I had an IM conversation with my good friend Shingo Suga from the Microsoft Japan office - he was wondering whether we could get together in Redmond this week - it's good to catch up with Shingo over a (yep, you've probably guessed it already) Starbucks... how strange that I'm currently in Asia and Shingo is in Redmond...

I have a number of articles and some sample code to get finished - I have a 4 port ethernet hub and my ICOP Vortex86 reference board, and a serial mouse and mini-keyboard I purchased in Taiwan (it's good that I can touch type otherwise I'd be completely stuck!) with me in my hotel room in Hong Kong, unfortunately I don't have an external monitor to display the screen output from the reference board - I'm thinking it might be useful to modify the CERDISP (Windows CE Remote Display) application to auto connect to a named host - that way I can still use my reference board when on the road (it might also be useful for demos!) - this should be a fairly quick modification.

- Mike

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