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There is a Starbucks at Taipei airport, hoorah ! - next stop is Hong Kong - I know for sure there are more Starbucks there than you can shake a stick at... - hopefully we will get a few minutes to look around the town and settle down for a Vanilla latte and just watch the world go by...

I'm running late on finishing this months MSDN “Get Embedded” article - this month we're looking at device drivers, how to write a Stream driver, why writing drivers for PocketPC is an “interesting” experience, I will explain why, we will also take a look at how to register a driver etc.... - I hope to get this finished on the flight to Hong Kong and submitted to my editor when I hit the hotel.

There's just way too much interesting stuff going on at the moment - I need to find some time to finish the Smartphone 2003 Theme Generator - and I also need to finish adding skinning support to the Windows CE Remote Display application - it's a good thing I have so much “flight time” over the next few weeks otherwise I wouldn't get anything done !!.

Over the last few weeks there seem to be a number of questions about building headless devices on Windows CE - interestingly, this has also come up in a number of customer meetings and at the WEE event in Taipei - there's a ton of content to write about headless devices, I'm pretty sure this will span 2-3 months of “Get Embedded”.

Better get cracking...

- Mike

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  1. CL says:

    Dear Mike:

    Thanks for your answering on my question. Your solo is also very excellent.

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