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It's about time I started with blogging, a number of people in the embedded group at MS and others (including that Bolling fella) have been aksing for a central place to get interesting links and tid-bits of information, so here it is - so why is now a good time to get started ? - there are a couple of answers to that question, first I spotted the Jono from the Compact Framework team has a Blog up and running and that gave me the kick needed to get started with Embedded Blog (or eBlog for short) - second, I've just arrived in Taiwan for the Windows Embedded Essentials event (or WEE) it's early in the morning in Taiwan, and as usual I've woken up at about 4am, the local Starbucks isn't open yet (trust me, I've checked) so I've spent some time getting the blog up and running.

This is a really good time to get started since there's a ton of interesting stuff going on at the moment - The WEE events usually turn up some interesting questions (I will let you know if there's a common theme), this week is Taiwan, next week Korea, and then early March it's off to Bangalore, India - the crazy travel schedule just keeps coming, March also includes the Mobility Devcon (MDC), ESC West (both in San Fran), and then April is back to the WEE events in Japan and China - oh, and I nearly forgot, the Microsoft Windows ChallengE (notice the clever use of caps for C+E in the word ChallengE...) is currently running - - a number of computer science and computer engineering teams have entered the competition - sine most of these teams are new to Windows CE development I'm sure we will get some interesting questions, I will pull the interesting ones together and post them here.

I downloaded a copy of Visual Assist .NET from - I have to say that I really like the way this integrates into Visual Studio .NET and the all new intellisense experience it gives - there's a free trial download on the site - why not download it and give it a go...

It's now 8:30am in Taiwan, Starbucks must be open by now... time to go check (again)...

- Mike

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  1. Neil Cowburn says:

    I use the Visual Assist addin too. It’s just one of those addins that is a must-have. Token-pair completion (braces, parentheses, quotes, etc) is just sweet. VA definitely improves coding speed.

  2. .. says:

    What about his Windows Lite edition for asia?

    Will this be available elsewhere?

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