Windows Mobile: Problem with Message Interception failing

I’ve had a couple of clients that ran into a problem where their SMS Message interceptor would fail to fire. (For an introduction to this pretty cool technology see here.) This was a hard to track down problem, because the interceptor would work on some devices, and the emulator, but not on a handful of devices. Because this worked on several devices, it seemed the code was without errors.

Note: Cross posted from Mike Francis: My Mobile Home.


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  1. Drew says:

    I’ve run into something similar since I updated to WM 6.5 standard.  My problem isnt that the message interceptor doesnt fire; it appears to get stuck or not finish itself.  For example, a message comes in and the screen comes on, indicator blinks, but there is no audible tone or vibration until I go to the "Home" screen.  When the Home button is pressed the tone comes through as well as the message waiting indicator.  I cant figure out the issue because its not all the time…in fact its pretty hit or miss.

  2. mjf says:

    Drew –

    I have not seen this problem myself. Are you saying this is with SMS messages in general? What device are you seeing this on? Where did you get the ROM upgrade?