Windows Mobile: Problem with Message Interception failing

I’ve had a couple of clients that ran into a problem where their SMS Message interceptor would fail to fire. (For an introduction to this pretty cool technology see here.) This was a hard to track down problem, because the interceptor would work on some devices, and the emulator, but not on a handful of…


Windows Mobile 6.5 Start Screen PNG Icon Display problem

Some developers are reporting a problem with the PNG icon not displaying in the Start screen.The usual symptom is that it does not show up immediately after installation but is seen after a device reset. This problem occurs if following the … Note: Cross posted from Mike Francis: My Mobile Home. Permalink


Information about the Marketplace Client and Custom UI

I just posted on the Windows Mobile Developers team blog: The Windows Marketplace for Mobile Client and your Setup code. This article reviews some potential ‘gotchas’ if you include custom UI in your setup DLL that is being called by the Marketplace client. The message is, please don’t add custom UI. Why? Because it makes…