New Blog:

I’ve setup my own blog in order to have more control over the presentation and since I develop, wanted to try embracing and extending a .Net based blogging platform.

I’ll continue to cross-post here.

Check out my blog at



Comments (2)

  1. Makes two of us.  I’ve been moving my blog from a Telligent based solution to an open source .Net based sollution. The Telligent software is excellent, but between some of the customizations that I wanted to do and Telligent discontinuing the free version of their software I decided to make a switch.

    I’ve got 90% of my content copied to the new software. As soon as I figure out a good way to handle redirecting of links that people have made to pages on my site I’m flipping the switch so that the new site shows up.

  2. mjf says:

    Hi Joel –

    What is the new URL for your blog? I’ll include it in my blogroll.



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