Top Developer Tips Webcast Follow Up

MSDN Webcast Thanks for attending my MSDN Webcast today “Top Developer Tips for Windows Mobile”. As promised, here are a list of links mentioned in the talk:

Web Applications:

Download: Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Emulator Images (Includes Internet Explorer Mobile 6!)
Jim Wilson’s Blog: Wading through the challenges of ASP.NET AJAX and Windows Mobile

Smart Client Applications:
Virtual Memory:
Download: Dumpmem
Steve and Reed’s Blog: Slaying the Virtual Memory Monster and Slaying the Virtual Memory Monster - Part II
Download: Remote Performance Monitor
Download: Application Verifier

Adapt Your App:
MSDN: Adapt Your App
Automation Script for loading application into emulators: PowerShell and Quick UI Check for WM Applications

MSDN Windows Mobile Developer Center


Thanks for again for attending!

Look for a posting of the webcast Q&A in my next blog post.


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  1. Excellent Webcast!  I learned a lot from it.  Have listened to it twice and plan to listen to it a third time.  It had lots of interesting information in it.  In my opinion it’s been one of the best webcast in the series.  I look forward to hearing you present another webcast again in the future.

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