The RTM SDKs Will Be Downloadable on November 28th, 2006

I jumped the gun in yesterday’s second post when I said the SDKs were ready along with the downloadable trials.  They are indeed finished being written, but there are more hoops than you can imagine getting things staged, approved, tested, etc. for distribution on MSDN.  The date of availability is the 28th of this month…


Early Xmas Present from the Search and BDC Teams: Custom Security Trimming

While we generally lock down features many months before we get to RTM and spend all of the remaining time on performance and stability, there are a few – very few – number of times when we find we really have to squeeze in one more feature at the last minute. It happened with the…


Using ASP.NET for AJAX in SharePoint Sites: Tread Gently for Now

We get asked about what we’re doing about AJAX quite a lot these days, especially about ASP.NET for AJAX (the technology formerly known as “Atlas”). We *love* AJAX. We actually use AJAX (albeit not ASP.NET for AJAX) all over the place in SharePoint sites. Dropdown menus when clicking on Edit Control Buttom (ECB) menus? AJAX….