Ghosting, Schmosting!

This is one item I’ve been holding back for a while.  FrontPage “12” will be a great SharePoint site designer on many, many fronts.  Like the current version, using it to edit a page in a SharePoint site will cause the page to become unghosted.  Unlike the current version, ghosting will cease to be much…


TechEd, End of Day 4: The Most Interesting New Thing I Saw All Day

The last four days here in Orlando have been a blur, and that’s not because of the humidity or the evening events.  There’s a lot going on here.  There are a lot of people here.  There’s a lot of content here.  And there are a lot of good SharePoint Products and Technology partners here. I’ve…


We’ve got to come up with a better way to catalog Web Parts — any ideas?

I get asked “how many Web Parts exist” all the time.  The question drives me crazy. I understand why.  Portal vendors cite the list of available portlets they have on hand as strategic selling points.  They want to cite the equivalent number for SPS. But the question is harder to answer than it seems.  As I…


FrontPage RPCs are Here To Stay, Too

If you’ve been at a talk delivered by me, Bryan Jeffries, or Richard Mareno entitled something like “Programming with Windows SharePoint Services’ Lists and Document Libraries”, you’ll have heard the following explanation, but in case you haven’t, or if you’d like to see it repeated in print… If you want to work with documents in…


Good “SharePoint Development” = Good .NET Development

Gregory MacBeth provides a nice enumeration of the skills you need to be a “SharePoint developer”.  It’s a good list.  I endorse it.  But examine it closely, and I hope you’ll come to the conclusion that the way to be successful when building Web site solutions (collaborative or otherwise) with WSS and/or portal solutions with SPS is…


Using ASP.NET for AJAX in SharePoint Sites: Tread Gently for Now

We get asked about what we’re doing about AJAX quite a lot these days, especially about ASP.NET for AJAX (the technology formerly known as “Atlas”). We *love* AJAX. We actually use AJAX (albeit not ASP.NET for AJAX) all over the place in SharePoint sites. Dropdown menus when clicking on Edit Control Buttom (ECB) menus? AJAX….


SharePoint Sites are Data

Next week I’m going to post something that explains the relative merits of efforts like IBuySpy Portal, DotNetNuke, etc., compared to Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server.  We’re getting asked that question a lot.  We also get asked the question as to why it seems to be so hard to move a SharePoint site…


Make sure you attend this year’s PDC

I’m not going to say anything more at this time, but I’d strongly suggest that attending this year’s Microsoft Professional Developers Conference would be an exceptionally good idea.


WSRP and JSR168 Are Two Completely Different Things…

WSRP, as I covered a few days ago, is an interoperability standard.  It’s platform- and language-neutral.  It’s all about requesting and transmitting chunks of HTML using SOAP.  Today I’d like to weigh in on something usually uttered in the same breath as WSRP — namely, JSR168. The fact that they’re uttered in the same breath is…


Supportable Customizations: Don’t Panic

I’ve been at a lot of conferences in the past few months, and the question I was asked most often had to have been around what we support and don’t support when it comes to site and portal customizations, modifcations to site definitions, and so on.  The thing that spawned these questions is this article on TechNet.  In a…