SharePoint Advisor Magazine Hits the Newsstand!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am about the first issue of SharePoint Advisor magazine.  I just got an advance copy, and the regular copies are leaving Advisor Media’s warehouses tomorrow morning.  I’m biased — I’m on the editorial board — but it looks good.

The magazine is striking a balance between development, infrastructure, and usage.  And it’s about nothing but my two favorite Microsoft offerings, Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server.  Even the ads.

If you want to get it, check the above link.  If you want to write for it, check the above link or contact me directly.

And don’t forget that the same fine folks who publish this magazine are also convening what we’re hoping will be the first of many SharePoint Advisor Live conferences.  Not only will the content be good, virtually all of the usual suspects in “SharePoint”-land will be there.  Check out the event’s Web site — there’ll be content for everyone.

(I’ll get back to commenting on issues and strategy tomorrow, I promise…)

Comments (6)

  1. Hans Hantson says:

    I subscribed to SharePoint Advisor Magazine some weeks ago. In the meantime the charged my credit card, but until today no reaction from them.

    Helpdesk is even not reacting. Anybody else same problem ?


  2. Jim B says:

    Given the experience Hanz has had with his Credit card charged and no sign of the issue, I’m hesitant to sign up for the magazine, despite the string interest in it.

  3. gary b says:

    I am bit concerned about their tag line on their home page:

    The Advisor Guide to using Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies, Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server, and more, including Microsoft Office System and SharePoint, enterprise integration and administration, and innovative SharePoint-based solutions, with how-to, tips, code, downloads, training, step-by-step, and more…

    Aren’t they saying the same thing 3 times? Doesn’t SharePoint products and technologies INCLUDE SPS and WSS?

    Not to mention $100 a year?!?!?!?

  4. Matt Johnson says:

    I got the Preview 2005 issue in the mail yesterday, and was blown away. This has great content. I can’t wait till the next issue arrives.

  5. Also got the preview issue, some good articles there. It is a pity that I already took the subscription ($139, yes Europe is always more expensive!), and got a $20 discount coupon with the preview issue that I can’t use anymore…

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