Declarative vs Imperative Streaming Input in LINQ to XML

Oleg Tkachenko has a nice post comparing the StAX (java) and XmlReader (.NET and XmlLite) approaches to streaming over a potentially large XML data source and filtering out unwanted elements.  He concludes: if you work with StAX you can readily work with .NET XmlReader and the other way. Great unification saves hours learning for developers….


Using LINQ to XML Annotations – tracking line numbers

[updated to escape the code so that it displays properly in HTML, and so that it gracefully handles input with an XML declaration] Several people have asked for a feature in LINQ to XML that would keep track of the line number in an XML data source from which each node was parsed.  We have…


Not having to choose between a big ecosystem and cutting edge features

Joel Spolsky has an interesting post on the Language Wars — the permanent debate among those who think their currently preferred programming language is the best.  He drew some heat from the blogosphere because he advocates a pragmatic approch for others … Lisp and OCaml and lots of other languages …are totally, truly brilliant programming languages worthy of…