Standards? Conventions? Design Patterns? Whatever Works!

I see Rick Jelliffe finds the previous post amusing.  Glad to entertain, but please note my comment. I definitely agree that “The whole point of a standard is to prevent one party from having control”.  That’s what the imprimatur of a standards organization offers.  The question I was posing  is how much work refining and…


Two approaches to standardization

This is an important topic that I’ve been meaning to blog about for months, but can’t summon the energy to write the dissertation-length post that would do it justice.  I think I’ll take the typical blogosphere approach of throwing out random thoughts as they occur. Today’s random thought was triggered by Sun starts thinking about…


Karma ?

To atone for my sins in a previous virtual life, I have been made the program manager “owning” the DOM APIs at Microsoft — MSXML, System.Xml, and whatever lies ahead in the future. Whoever runs the universe has a sense of humor, anyway 🙂  


Bureaucracy or Professionalism?

I’ve been struggling to crystallize my thoughts about the numerous discussions, mostly leading back to our anonymous colleague minimsft, about the bureaucracy / stifling process at Microsoft.  The posters have been mostly Microsoft veterans; perhaps it would be useful to offer a perspective on this from a relative newbie (albeit one who has spent 30 years…


Writing less code

Who said “There’s only really one metric to me for future software development, which is — do you write less code to get the same thing done?”  Maybe one of the folks on who practice the art of using less code to get more done. We shun complexity and challenge the status-quo when it…


More on Design by Committee

Michael Rys says in a comment on the previous post “I personally think that XQuery is not bad for having been designed in a committee overall (compared to the DOM :-))” These continuual slurs on the DOM! Everywhere I go, even from my closest colleagues, sniff. 🙂  Neither DOM nor XQuery are “bad” for having…


PDC Day 2 – some details and reactions to LINQ

The high point of my day was seeing Anders Hejlsberg go through his presentation (actually it’s more or a real-time code writing demo, with few slides) on LINQ.  I had never seen him in person before this week, and the experience can only be called Shock and Awe.  I had read this stuff, talked about…


Project LINQ and XML – Some reflections

 I’m now here at my first Microsoft Professional Developers Conference.  This is going to be especially interesting for me because we can finally talk about the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) technology that Jim Allchin outlined this morning. Soumitra Sengupta explains why we think this changes the whole game for XML processing.  Dave Remy  has done…


Everybody’s blogging about Massachusetts

I really don’t have anything to do with Office XML formats so can’t contribute much of substance to the debate over Massachusetts’ draft Enterprise Technical Reference Model v 3.5 which mandates the OASIS Open Document Format. This has generated a lot of weblog posts, mostly from open source advocates or employees of Microsoft competitors fulsomely…


It’s been quiet, but not for long

I’ve had my heads down learning firsthand what program managers REALLY do since I moved to the Redmond area this summer.  It’s been a real learning experience — I haven’t been directly involved with real shipping code for almost 10 years.  Also, most of what I would have liked to write about is under wraps…