Don’t get forced! LOVE IT!!

After years spent watching Marc Benioff make outrageous claims and empty promises I am so very happy to see Microsoft stop taking it on the chin and start telling the full story on how Dynamics CRM in the cloud can really work for our customers.  This is a long overdue and I can't wait to see how this campaign continues to energize the marketplace and showcase how Dynamics CRM is a better choice than

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  1. An admirer says:

    Have you seen's latest quarterly results? Microsoft is really validating cloud computing and helping explode. Thank you Microsoft!

  2. SF Fan says:…/105684979469317!/album.php?aid=261570&id=85367124230

    Hahaha … this guy from the "Don't get forced" ads isn't even a real microsoft customer! Marc called him out during Dreamforce and had him "switch back" to SF! Nice!!

    Also great to see an ad campaign directed only at SF… really validates that Microsoft feels that SF is the main competitor right now. Stock keeps going UP

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