Best birthday present yet…

Greetings from TechReady11, Microsoft’s semi-annual geekfest and  db59c29daa3dc5f16fd8technical training extravaganza. I have spent my birthday today in various technical training sessions and chalk talks.  What can I say…I’m living right!

I tell you this not to evince sympathy or heckling but because I am really excited about what I’ve learned.  You could say I’m in the clouds.  While I am not at liberty to tell you about everything I have seen and heard, I can honestly say that the CRM Product Team has outdone themselves with CRM 2011. 

Unfortunately, Aaron Elder of Avanade has beaten me to the punch for the sound bite but I must whole-heartedly agree with his assessment – CRM 2011 is a game-changer!!  I can’t wait to share all the goodness with all my partners, our customers and prospects.  We have the best CRM platform in the business no matter where you want to run it!

Stay tuned…

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