Demo Tips: Patch Tuesday!

So this should be a Demo 101 tip. If you are running your demos in a virtual environment like I do, make sure that your host machine gets all of it's patches BEFORE you launch your virtual machine in full screen. (What is Patch Tuesday?)

Last week for the CRM Launch in Reston, which was held on a Wednesday, my Laptop grabbed a Wireless network and during my demo it downloaded all of the Windows Vista hot fixes to the host machine while I was running in full screen.

Which meant that about 3/4 the way through my demo, the host machine rebooted. (Because all of the patches downloaded and applied themselves in the background.)

Thankfully Andrew was in the back of the room with a fully functioning CRM Online Demo Machine prepped ready to give demos after the session was over.  Upon asking him nicely, he brought the machine to the front of the room and the demo continued.

To me that shows that A.) I should turn off WiFi before my demos and B.) We have a KILLER platform. Why? It it allowed me to seamlessly jump from On Premise to Hosted within minutes.

But from now on, I will be pay very close attention to what day of the week my demo is on and the current status of my machine's updates. 🙂

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  1. Good thing microphones were not hooked up inside your head…  Our game of Bingo may have been over right there…  🙂


  2. Brad says:

    You did a great job Ben, everyone blamed Vista though. 🙂

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