The Big Easy is a Big Deal

Big Easy Offer is a great cross selling opportunity for you as a partner. It is payable to you as a partner as a Service Rebate. (Which means that the customer pays the normal price and then in 30-60 days gets a check mailed to them made out to you as a partner.) has the full story including a slide deck, etc...

You can use has a handy calculator. You can use it to specify what products that the customer is buying and it will calculate your partner services rebate. (It is also where your customer will go to redeem their rebate.)

The offer is for about $110 a user for each CRM User and $210 for each Professional User. (You can see the full schedule here...

BUT - If you include other Microsoft products, the amount of the rebates increase for each of the items. So using the calculator found on the Microsoft Incentives site, look at three very basic scenarios. (CRM ONLY, CRM with SQL and CRM with Windows and SQL...)


CRM Only - This is if the customer ONLY buys 25 Licenses of CRM and a CRM Professional Server.


CRM + SQL - 25 Licenses of SQL CAL's and a SQL Standard Server and CRM Professional Server.


CRM + SQL + Windows - 25 CAL's for Windows, SQL and CRM with Windows Standard, SQL Standard and CRM Professional.


Happy Selling. And make sure to read ALL of the terms and conditions on the offer and the is the official site. My examples are just that. My examples. You should so your own math. (And check official site for any changes made to the program.)

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