Sharing the Blog….

As many of you may know, I got a new job on July 1st 2007 as is the annual Microsoft tradition. In early September, we hired a fine resource from one of our local partners. As a result, Chris Kahl joined our team.

He resides in the vast metropolis of Berlin, MD, which is about 10 minutes from my wife's favorite place to visit. (The Ocean City Boardwalk...)

Downtown Berlin

As such, he has taken over at the Partner Technology Specialist for the Mid Atlantic Area. Which means he now covers partners and deals in PA, MD, VA, WV and some parts of DE and NJ.

Chris  has been doing CRM for about 10 years including a stint with Siebel. (Which he is truly sorry for and has repented.)  He loves spending time with his family and drives a beat up old Saab...

Look for Chris at events in the Mid Atlantic Area and if you have not yet been introduced, he will be posting here shortly with a short bio and start taking over some of the day to day operations of the blog.

My personal blogging and other nonsense that has posted here will be posted to my personal blog, which should be up later this week.

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