Man is it cold…

I got a last minute call to come help out Mid West Area. It was VERY last minute. (Thanks Daniel!) Unfortunately, I didn't think about calling Mike and Jim until after I was on the ground. We came in on a Regional Jet. We flew in lower over the city than I have ever been... Here are some pretty cool shots of Chicago, where I might add it is about 10 degrees below zero. Without wind.

The event was great. We had about 40 or 50  people in a room for a Partners annual user group meeting.

Also got to meet Jen G, the new SSP for CRM for the Mid West Area. (As well as catchup with the Area Sales Manager.... It is amazing how small the world really is... :-)) 

Here are some pretty cool pictures I snapped on the way in. Was a great view for me of the city....

PIC-0019PIC-0020PIC-0021 PIC-0022 PIC-0023 PIC-0024

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