Ramp and Ready V2 for New CRM Partners

Ramp and Ready is an awesome program available as an option to our new partners. It is available to existing ERP Partners as well as new CRM Partners. clip_image001

Whether you're a new Microsoft Dynamics™ US partner who wants to build a Microsoft Dynamics practice or an established partner looking to revitalize your current practice, the Ramp & Ready Program delivers affordable sales, marketing, and technical resources. With the Ramp & Ready Program, Microsoft offers significant co-investments designed to put you on the fast track to business success. The Ramp & Ready Program also provides personalized guidance from a Microsoft representative and empowers you to take advantage of new and existing Microsoft Dynamics sales and marketing resources.*

*Program available to Microsoft Dynamics US activation partners working toward their first 2 customer adds, or to existing Microsoft Dynamics US partners that did not add customers between July 1, 2006, and June 30, 2007.


Accelerate Success

For an initial investment as low as $5,000 USD, you can receive benefits valued up to $15,000 USD that can accelerate your ROI with new customer additions.


  • Receive live sales, marketing, and technical training

  • Gain easy access to online and Web-based training's and tools

  • Connect with the right sales and marketing resources

  • Define clear marketing strategies and actionable plans

  • Develop a pipeline of qualified customer prospects

  • Execute quality campaigns and benefit from matching funds for future campaigns


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  • Live Web-based sales and marketing training events

  • Unlimited use of Microsoft Dynamics E-learning

  • Access to downloadable Microsoft Dynamics training materials

  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

    • An outsourced telemarketing lead gen program with qualified leads

    • $2,000 matching development funds for use in future activities*

    • Materials kit, including guides, templates, and VPC

    • Virtual Marketing Director (Advanced Package)

    * Funds issued to participating partners on a preset schedule. For each verified sale before the applicable deadline, Microsoft offers $1,000, up to a maximum of $2,000 for the 12-month enrollment.

  • Dedicated Microsoft representative

  • Microsoft technical support

  • Product ordering assistance*

  • *Must buy off Microsoft Dynamics price list

    Benefits also available through the Partner Foundation Plan for Microsoft Dynamics




      Ramp & Ready Essentials

    $5,000 USD

    $15,000 USD

      Ramp & Ready Advanced

    $8,000 USD $18,000 USD

    Enrolled partners who complete the program training and achieve sales goals can receive up to $2,000 USD in Microsoft Dynamics Campaign Development Funds, which can be used for future eligible campaign activities. (Subject to Campaign Development Funds Guidelines)

    *Total program investment is limited. Eligible partners will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.




    Check out the enclosed documents for more information around this program for new CRM Partners.

    Ramp & Ready Order Form Oct 2007.zip

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