Government Contractor Blog is now live

My good friend Christine has started blogging about Government Contractors and Microsoft.  She has a great story about some GC's using Dynamics Solutions. 🙂 Congrats Christine on starting a very informative blog. If your a partner that specializes in GC's, I would subscribe to her feed. The link is


Comments (2)

  1. czmuda says:

    Thanks Ben for announcing Govcon.  Open invitation for readers of this blog who may have interesting information to share with the GC Community – drop me a line at Thanks!

  2. Fred Diamond says:

    I agree that the Government Contractor blog is very informative. It will become a great source of information for high-growth government contractors who are looking for DCAA compliant project accounting and financial management solutions. Government contractors looking such solutions should also visit for more information on this topic. It’s a pretty interesting blog from the Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors people at Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS).

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