Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: SDK Examples

Sean and Melissa are on the team that are developing some content for a V4 based SDK course.  Do you have any interesting ideas that may be able to leverage our SDK that we could develop for use during our training.  We aren’t asking for any pre-developed code but more for the concepts.

I have a list I submitted to them. Do you have anything you would like seen covered? My wish list included:

  1. Workflow using SDK to kick out a MOSS Team or Document site when an opportunity gets to a specific sales stage.
  2. Integration to external web services. So some mapping to Live Maps, Flickr, RSS feeds, etc..
  3. Consumption of CRM by CRM. So updating a contact address from the account entity. (or the like)
  4. Integration of CRM via SDK to InfoPath.
  5. A Proposal Manager – Mail Merge on Steroids. J
  6. Workflow, Workflow, Workflow…. I like Workflow…

Please leave a comment here and Sean and Melissa will be checking to see what wild ideas y'all have. 🙂

Comments (4)

  1. simonj says:

    Here’s a list of what I’d be interested in seeing if I were on a CRM SDK v4 course:

    1. A single class that handles all 3 authentication types and can return a CrmService to be used.  

    2. An example of how to writing an ASPX that queries the web service, but works both online and when offline with the Laptop client.  And how to deploy that page with the laptop client.

    3. How to provision a multi-tenant site programmatically.

    4. Would love to see an example of one click document generation.   For example, an ISV button on an entity that launches some code that looks up the entity data and merges it into an OpenXML that has placeholders for the data, is this like A Proposal Manager – Mail Merge on Steroids?  

    5. SharePoint integration directly to a document library as well as sub-site.

    6. For each type of customisations (client side script, workflow assemblies, plug-ins, entity attributes, custom aspx pages, etc.) what do you need to be aware of when building an MSI installer?  What programmatically differences are required from a multi tenant install to a traditional AD install.

    7. Manipulating data and then program tally importing it with bulk import for a custom entity.

    Kind regards

    Simon Jackson

  2. David Hodges says:

    1. Call/Begin predefined Workflow logic, from "Callout" (or what the equivalent is now)

    2. Activity and Email Parsing, For Ex. an email is sent in to a user, using that email and flags in it like Description: [description] import [description] into an entity

  3. Denzel says:

    I would love to see a workflow that would allow for creation of an task list, multiple tasks to be complete, that actually looks and feels like a checklist (nice if it could even had check boxes) either inside of CRM task, or even creating an infopath form that would be linked to the parent record in CRM.

  4. 1 Adding a filter to a lookup.

    2 Returning to the form you were working on last

    3 Global picklists

    4 Regex functionality

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