Demo2Win is Coming! Register Today

Demo2Win is one of the best classes I have ever been to. If you EVER give demo’s to customers, this class is for you. These classes are heavily subsidized… So hurry up and register before they sell out. I am doing two of them as ain instructor, so watch out. 🙂 Registration quick link can…


Beyond Compare should be added to your consulting tool belt

It is not very often that I recommend a tool that we don’t make. 🙂 You will find a few if you search the archives, but maybe only one or two. This tool just saved my bacon in a HUGE way. You ever had an XML file and wondered what the differences were? Or how…


Want to participate in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Launch Tour?

  Thanks go out to all of you who have attended one of the partner Readiness Tour events or have registered to attend one. You’re no doubt feeling the excitement as we build toward launch in 2008. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has outpaced the growth of its competitors and the market trend in the $6.2 billion…


Ramp and Ready V2 for New CRM Partners

Ramp and Ready is an awesome program available as an option to our new partners. It is available to existing ERP Partners as well as new CRM Partners. Whether you’re a new Microsoft Dynamics™ US partner who wants to build a Microsoft Dynamics practice or an established partner looking to revitalize your current practice, the…


Government Contractor Blog is now live

My good friend Christine has started blogging about Government Contractors and Microsoft.  She has a great story about some GC’s using Dynamics Solutions. 🙂 Congrats Christine on starting a very informative blog. If your a partner that specializes in GC’s, I would subscribe to her feed. The link is GovCon


Microsoft CRM 4.0 Release Candidate 0 VPC is now available

Thanks for the release of this… 🙂 We are fortunate to have partners who can do this much faster and better than we can internally. 🙂 (We beat my guess by 6 days…) This Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 RC0 VPC is designed to allow you to demonstrate the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM RC0 VPC – When?

Some of you may have noticed that the CTP3 VPC has recently been pulled. The Image has expired. (And the easiest way to fix that for the short term would be to turn your system clock back a couple of weeks.)  And as Mike noticed, the PartnerSource page is sorta updated. 🙂 The image is…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: SDK Examples

Sean and Melissa are on the team that are developing some content for a V4 based SDK course.  Do you have any interesting ideas that may be able to leverage our SDK that we could develop for use during our training.  We aren’t asking for any pre-developed code but more for the concepts. I have…


Office Offline – Great Comic Blog

This is an awesome blog that after reading one post, it immediately hit my RSS Feed List…. If you have a sense of humor at all, check out what David from our office team is blogging. Here is his cartoon for today…. You may want to subscribe as well..   Office Offline


Readiness Training Tour Components Now Available on PartnerSource

These got posted while we were in Pittsburgh doing the actual event. 🙂 The components are very similar to what we used here in the US for the tour. But they are NOT identical to the ones we did in the East. We moved the slides around and cut some of the more boring ones….