Dashboards for Microsoft CRM

While I have seen some VERY nice Dashboards for Microsoft CRM, I thought that Scott over at BridgeBuilder did a killer job with these.  Here is what he wrote to me about the cool dashboards.

Here are some of the dashboards that we've built into Microsoft CRM. The possibilities are endless and these are intended to be visual aids so that prospects can see how dashboards fit into CRM.

It's really cool to see them work in real-time and watch the data update. Also, these samples were built on the Adventure Works CRM data so it's easy to demo.

Scott is looking for partners to work with him and would love to help you in building out dashboards for you. While this not a full blown product, in talking with Scott, he may be heading that direction if he gets enough interest. Anybody interested? 

You can see more samples here.

Scott can be reached at:

Scott Spanbauer


Tel: (704) 766-2676



Happy Selling!!!

BridgeBuilder Account Dashboard   BridgeBuilder Activity Dashboard

BridgeBuilder Consumer Dashboard BridgeBuilder Marketing Dashboard

BridgeBuilder Opportunity Dashboard

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  1. Chris Campbell says:

    Yea, pretty good dashboards..

    See also very nice dashboards here:


  2. Very Nice i have an article as well on using the fusion chart controls from infosoftglobal posted with some sample code if anyone has an interest.

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